Cortland Short Fan-Laced girdle - 3013


Brand Cortland

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If I had to choose just one piece of underwear to take to a deserted island, I would choose to take a fan-laced girdle. The fan-laced girdle is a classic foundation that any real vintage lover cannot be without!

Not only are these girdles beautiful, but they are practical too. The design came about when women needed to be able to dress themselves, without the assistance of a maid. Women would previously have been dressed by their house help, which included being laced into a corset each morning. However, self-lacing was neither practical nor easy.

The fan-laced girdle solves this problem by having straps to pull and tighten the back lacing, from the front. This model of girdle has two sets of fans at the back, the first set is designed to cinch the waist, the second set is design to pull in and control the hips and bum.

This is a very effective garment, but it is also extremely comfortable.


  • Four adjustable suspender straps with metal clips, two standard straps at the front, and two V shaped straps at the back/ side
  • Suspender straps are 2 cm wide
  • Total of 19 plastic bones, running vertically down the garment
  • Plastic boning at front of garment to flatten tummy
  • Two 10 cm long elasticated panels on either side of the girdle
  • Two 8 cm long elasticated panels on either side of the lacing at back of garment
  • The rest of the garment is non-stretch
  • Front panels measures 27 cm from top to bottom
  • Back panels measure 37 cams from top to bottom
  • Comes in white meaning that it can be dyed any colour you want 

How to put a fan-laced girdle on:

  1. Loosen all four straps before putting the garment on your body
  2. Wrap the girdle around your waist, with the fan-lacing at the back
  3. Do up the hook and eye fasteners at the front/ side
  4. Position the garment so that the back/ bottom reaches just under your bum (this will vary depending on your torso length)
  5. Pull the top two straps towards the front until the tightness feels firm yet comfortable
  6. Repeat step four with the bottom two straps
  7. Put on and attach stockings to the suspender clips


To size this garment, please go by your waist measurement. If you have a 30 inch waist, I would recommend selecting a size 30 girdle. If you have a big difference in measurements between your waist and your hips (ie. you have a very curvy body), You can either size up, or wear the girdle with a larger gap at the back. I have a 30 inch waist but 45 inch hips, so I wear the size 32" due to my fairly extreme natural measurements.

This girdle looks beautiful laced closed, but it isn't a necessity.