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Crimson Nylon Swish suspender belt

Elinor Lloyd-Philipps crimson dye dye GARTER BELT SUSPENDER BELT the nylon swish

As you may be aware, I recently brought out my own little line of suspender belts; I decided to start with white suspender belts, with the intention of bringing out black versions at a later date. However, quite a few of you contacted me asking why I hadn't brought out a whole array of colourways. There are many reasons for this, however I managed to find a way around it - dye!
You may remember that I dyed some Rago underwear a while ago. Seeing as that turned out well (eventually), I was a lot more confident this time round. I decided to go for a crimson colour for this suspender belt, and I'm pretty happy with the result!
I started by putting some water on to boil. While the water heated up, I removed the tabs from the suspender clips, I didn't want them to melt during the dyeing process. Once the water was boiling, I emptied the contents of my iDye Poly crimson dye into the saucepan and waited for it to dissolve. Then, in went the suspender belt.
When I finished making my crimson suspender belt soup, I rinsed the belt in the sink, whilst trying very hard to not turn the kitchen red.
Honestly, once the dye had was rinsed out of the fabric, I thought I had made a mistake. The colour seemed way too dark.
However, as the belt started to dry, the colour calmed down quite a bit and I was much happier with it.
If you want a 10, 12 or 14 strap suspender belt in a bright colour, you can now either dye one of The Nylon Swish line or I can dye it for you (and save you the mess). Check it out, it's pretty darn nice!

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